Yosemite National Park 5 Reasons To Go.

1. Yosemite is a landmark treasure of Native American history.

2. Bears roam the woods including the grizzly, black bear and it’s ferocious wolverine competitor.

3. Mountain Lions, Bobcats, Bats, Birds, Mountain Sheep…

4. Handicap Access, paved roads, great toilet facilities, camping, showers.

5. Volunteer opportunities in Yosemite, a great way for international, and domestic people to connect. A great way to spend a summer vacation.

References linked at the bottom of this post.

CAM00172CAM00173 CAM00174 CAM00176 CAM00182 CAM00187

Yosemite National Park Website.

Native American History of Yosemite on Indian Country Today.

Sacred Texts more in depth information on Yosemite’s Rich Native American history.

Published by Shane Cameron


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