Home Improvements That Make Sense, and Add Value.

Timing is everything, and it’s often possible to buy a property, do some remodeling first, and then move in. This would be the ideal situation, however it’s not always possible to fix everything before your big move in day.


Many times homeowners will get stuck with a significant repair bill when selling a home, while you may find yourself among another group of owners who’ve been keen on detailed maintenance enjoying a more seamless lifestyle when ready to make major life changes.

Experienced owners know that maintaining a property means working on things every year. In fact, all things should be checked, observed, tested regularly. Most problems with obvious things like plumbing, electrical, windows, siding tend to get attention quickly when repairs are needed. Hard to find problems like a roof leak often go without notice until a full blown problem rears its ugly head.

The bottom line is, if the heater stops working in the dead of winter, you’ll get it fixed right away. But, in a window with a tiny broken seal, repairs could be ignored, avoided until there is no other choice. Waiting can be expensive rather than budgeting, and shopping for a reasonable install price.

Here’s the problem with waiting to take care of home improvements: You’re wasting money, you’re not planning carefully enough, you’re probably paying too much when things finally get done, you’re potentially allowing more damage to pile up.

Most people are able enough to move around a living space, and check up on almost everything. This is a great money saving technique, to simply watch things while they work. If the rain gutters need tested, get a garden hose and fill them with water for a good test. Just don’t forget to ask someone to hold the ladder for you.

If you’re like the rest of us and need to save money on a condo, townhouse, office, home, car or any property the key to wealth is be good at planning for home repairs in advance. How to videos also have a lot to add to this equation; if you’re handy you’ll save on DIY projects, if you’re not the hands-on type, you’ll save money by learning the basic concepts of whatever it is you’re up against.

Do you want to be like the best of homeowners? My advice is to pay attention to the neighbor who keeps everything in tip-top shape, spends time on landscaping, and keeps everything looking perfect. Now there is an owner with a plan of action, conservative budget, and ability to afford smart energy upgrades in addition to having a well maintained property. Be like this neighbor!

Budgeting for these projects requires some planning, on an easy year $1000 should be enough to cover the simple expenses of an average size property. Things like a roof replacement, or new siding can easily cost 10k plus. Avoiding a need for additional loans, lines of credit, and financial chaos should be your priority ahead of time. Selling a well maintained property is not only easier, you’ll be able to ask a fair price with confidence.

Whether your home needs are roofing, decks, patios, a mother in-law house, a Free estimate, or detailed answers on the hard to answer questions, you can trust the professionals at Allied serving the Silicon Valley.

Call 408-489-3922 to schedule a project evaluation.



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