The Tesla of Skylight Innovation


Velux skylights is offering a $200 rebate on select models through August 15th 2014

But, first check out this innovative skylight that opens electronically with a motor powered by a photovoltaic solar panel. Not only does the Velux Solar powered skylight offer electronic shades and blinds, a handy remote control puts you in the drivers seat of this high fashion indoor lighting accessory. A high quality rain sensor keeps your home covered by closing the skylight automatically in the even of a storm.

With a product this cool, why not add one to the bedroom, bathroom, closet and patio cover?

What makes this model particularly affordable to accessorize with custom features? The install savings without the need for an electrician and the savings on electricity consumption by using solar power.

Greening up the earth never felt so cool.

Here’s the $200.00 rebate form.

For more information check out Allied California’s skylight page here or call 408-489-3922


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