Allied. A company that will form a close alliance with each individual customer, giving top quality workmanship to every job, big or small based in San Jose California, serving The Peninsula, Shore, and Bay.

Please click here to visit our website to explore the many exterior repair services offered. From the ground up, Allied in San Jose, California has it covered.

Satisfied customers line the map from Midwest United States to the West Coast. Commercial Painting was big before colored sheet metal, baked on enamel, powder coatings were developed.

Posts, Pillars, Ballards, Concrete are a few of the less common items in need of repair, however, Allied does it.

More Common items include fascia and soffit repair, replacing rain gutters. Installing skylights, repairing chimney mortar, flat roof restoration, flat roof coatings, those are much needed items in California.

Title 24 continued a growing and ever changing standard for efficiency. The needs of California Homeowner’s change year by year. Having started in  1975 with a good pair of work boots, gloves, experience, and foremost sincere craftsmen skilled in quality exterior home maintenance, commercial flat coatings, atrium and skylight installation.

Velux Skylight replacements are rare, though homeowners choose to add skylights to increase the homes enjoyable aspects. It’s about more than comfort, it’s about energy efficiency, all around.

Typically the product lasts a near lifetime. Those are the qualities widely available to decisive customers who require the value built in to each product.

Often, these type of quality materials, for example, gutter covers made from anadozed aluminum frame, surgical grade steel mesh, offer the maximum savings long term, including best protection.

This page will be updated at times, please follow via. email if the updates are beneficial, interesting, and feel free to share appropriate information in comments.

Our customers make it fun truly making the difference by keeping our technology tools sharp, the Bay Area of California is home to every diverse aspect of the entire world in many ways.

Living in California is abundantly lovely, the people make the difference.

The intention of this blog is to share fun information to promote the place we call home, in photos the local activities, events, art, scenic vistas, and useful information relevant to our business in order to give something back on a more substantial level.

We hope you’ll find it informative, entertaining, exclusive. While, it is impossible to explain the details of each item in a short page, please consider calling 408-489-3922 Email AlliedCA@Gmail.com for information. Our office is accepting calls Pacific Time United States 8:00am until 6:00pm. Missed calls are returned promptly,

Doing business with us is fun. Thank you for following along, subscribing, visiting.

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