The Two Ferrari’s of Ventilation and Home Comfort

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Photo courtesy of Velux Skylight’s USA

Featuring the two most whisper quiet, amazing, integrated, wifi connected home ventilation products.

The Velux Solar operating skylight connects wirelessly into a fascinating remote control, offers wifi connectivity for your home office, smartphone, tablet. As an option, Velux Skylights USA offers the KLF 100 home automation integration kit with optional battery backup to get your skylight online, and under control at the touch of a button from anywhere internet is available in the universe.

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This technology is quite convenient, and pretty amazing. New skylights can be installed, or old skylights can easily be replaced with a new Velux solar powered skylight with an additional sunshade to keep things cool. Skylight glass can be tinted with Low-E, or clear glass with Low-E blocking the majority of longwave ultraviolet rays.

In addition to keeping your home breezy and cool, a 30% Federal Tax Credit is all yours for the taking on this product in 2014.

Why not upgrade to one of these mean green power players before the rains come?

The AirScape fan is a whole house attic fan that pulls an incredible amount of ventilation through a home. The 3500 cfm model offers optional wifi connectivity, a convenient remote control and seven speed whisper silent motor while producing amazing results.

Next the amazing AirScape whisper quiet whole house attic fan is an amazing piece of luxury. This genius of home building innovation can move an impressive 3,500 cubic feet per minute. The same wifi connectivity is an option, and a handy remote puts this attic fan on par with the best you’ll likely ever see.

By opening windows for intake the AirScape is able to move massive amounts of air through the home where it’s forced out the attic. Attic insulation, wood, wiring and other building materials including roofing last far longer with proper ventilation. This monster air mover keeps the summer heat away, and quickly exchanges stale indoor air with a fresh lasting breeze.

The AirScape has many options for control including a seven speed fan, timers, and plenty of bells and whistles.

It has never been more exciting to ventilate and illuminate than 2014 Thanks to Velux Skylight’s and AirScape whole house fans.

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